ADS3: Architecture & Activism

Postgraduate Architecture and Design Studio

With Andreas Lang and Torange Khonsari
School of Architecture, Royal College of Art, London
Sep 2013 – Sep 2015

studio archive

ADS3, View of the Work-In-Progress show 2015

ADS3 sets out to explore ways in which architects can intervene in the field of politics and come to critical terms with the contemporary urban conditions.

By engaging citizens and institutions, the studio’s projects are as many experiments that probe an understanding of architecture as a form of activism, and of activism as a necessarily spatial practice. Addressing a matter of concern of their choice, the students manoeuvre their project between present-day realism and radical imagination. What if the tension between these two poles did not have to be resolved through a compromising design solution? What would an architecture look like that used this tension as its structural principle?